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Turkey Jerky – breakfast, lunch and dinner of road warriors

To prepare for our cross-country journey in the Westy along US 2 (yep, from Burlington to West Glacier, MT), I’ve been experimenting with jerky. Found a great recipe from Alton Brown, and our Excalibur dehydrator (the “cadillac of dehydrators”) does a great job. This may not look appetizing, but man, is it tasty. We determined in several fishing/camping trips around Montana in the 1980 and 90s that jerky and beer make a complete protein, perfect for camping trips.

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Farewell to the Kombi

A very touching tribute toKombi the beloved Kombi. Try to watch this without crying. (You don’t want to start any new rust spots….)


This is the one that most everyone either owned, rode in, or wished they had.

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The Wheels

This sweet ride acquired in 2012, at which time she had only 70K on the odometer. Fully equipped 1984 Wolfsburg Edition Westfalia. Right now she’s with a body guy, who is lovingly grinding down, welding and repainting her signs of aging. She has no name yet but “Westy….”

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