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Honeymoon Reboot


Next Monday we’ll leave for two weeks to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary. We’re returning to the Gaspe Peninsula, the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River, where it widens to become the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I’m calling the trip the Honeymoon Reboot. But that time, we camped out of a small station wagon, canoe on top, with dome tent and air mattresses. We took a shortwave radio with us and listened to Radio Moscow. This time, we have the Westfalia, and the provincial park campgrounds all have WIFI. Times certainly have changed.

One of our fondest memories from that trip is the morning fog pouring over the cliffs at Forillon. Hope the weather is this good when we get there.


7 thoughts on “Honeymoon Reboot

  1. I have always wanted to go to the Gaspe and have never been there. I have been to Tadoussac and the Sagueney but never on the south shore. Post lots of pictures.

    • Paul: We’re hitting Sagueney to start, then ferrying over to south shore. We’ve wanted to see the fjord for as long as we can remember.

      • Take some time to see the whales in the St. Lawrence at the mouth of the Saguenay. Water temperature this time of the year on a hot day like today is about 2 degrees Celsius. Go out in one of the zodiacs. They will outfit you in yellow slickers, boots and gloves. Driving through the Charlevoix from Quebec City to the Saguenay is heaven. Baie St. Paul is an amazing view from the top of the hill. Have a great time and great anniversary.

  2. Have a wonderful time. Helen and I have done the Gaspe on motorcycles and Forillon in the morning is hard to beat.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Cuz! Have a great time on your trip!

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