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Screen Room test report

This nice little screen room addition to the Westy tested beautifully on a camping trip to the Catskills in early August 2014. It breaks down conveniently into a bag about the size of a down sleeping bag’s stuff bag, but that means all the poles are broken down and must be assembled; figuring out which is inserted there was a small challenge, but now we know what’s what and where it goes. As my dear Dad would have said, “Now THAT’s a good looking rig!”

20140802_083850 20140802_084110

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Center of the Universe? Nah, just North America

Exploring the Rand McNally atlas for the upcoming cross-country drive on US 2, the driver found this in North Dakota: the geographic 20140815_094514center of North America, just outside Rugby, ND. (We were planning on stopping in Rugby anyway, because the town offers free camping at the fairgrounds.) And I thought all we’d see in ND was giant statues of Paul Bunyan…

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Turkey Jerky – breakfast, lunch and dinner of road warriors

To prepare for our cross-country journey in the Westy along US 2 (yep, from Burlington to West Glacier, MT), I’ve been experimenting with jerky. Found a great recipe from Alton Brown, and our Excalibur dehydrator (the “cadillac of dehydrators”) does a great job. This may not look appetizing, but man, is it tasty. We determined in several fishing/camping trips around Montana in the 1980 and 90s that jerky and beer make a complete protein, perfect for camping trips.