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Making the Most of the Delay

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Waiting for the Westy repairs has allowed us to take more advantage of our garden’s bounty, which doesn’t always happen. My overweening Yankee frugality has caused me to schedule most of our “big trips” in late September — for example, the three times we rented canal boat rentals in France I made sure we went during the off-season – we enjoyed great rates, but our neighbors back home enjoyed our harvests. So this feels like a bonus week and we made the most of it. Craig picked our St Croix grapes and I canned 14 quarts of juice.








And dehydrated ten pounds of plum tomatoes from the Jericho Settlers Farm, and blanched and froze a whole mess of greens for winter soups…and went to see Ray Vega’s group (Wednesday Jazz at Juniper) with our good friend LJ Palardy and others. Hmmm. Sounds like we are having a vacation …


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